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Will Bennett:

Born in 87 and living in Ealing, London.

I joined UK-Racketball in Feb 2009 with the intentiWill Bennett UK Racketballon of trying to promote both racketball and squash and bring them into the forefront of the public domain. I love playing both squash and racketball and feel that both sports deserve a lot more attention than they currently recieve. I have always been an avid supporter and have always tried to promote the sport wherever possible.

I first started squash at the age of 11 when I went down to a beginners group session with a few friends at Enderby Leisure Centre in Leicester. I really enjoyed playing and started to get some coaching about a year later. I then followed my coach to The Chase Squash Club where I started to play for Leicestershire County as a junior. The Chase Squash Club sadly had to close resulting in me moving up to the Park Squash Club in Nottingham.

In 2005 I went to The University of Sheffield to study Mechanical Engineering where I joined the squash club and managed to get a place in the men’s 2nd team. I really enjoyed the socials and the team squash. The top players at the club inspired me to start training and I have been playing as much as possible since, usually playing 5 times a week. In my final 2 years I was voted president of the squash club and played No.1 for the University, which gave me the opportunity to get chopped by some really good players and do a fair bit of running. I started playing racketball at University in my final year, for fun, at the Hallamshire where the sport was becoming really popular.

I graduated from Sheffield in June 2009 with a 1st class Masters in Mechanical Engineering and after a lot of hard work I managed to get a job in Croydon with Mott MacDonald as a Mechanical Engineer.

After deciding that engineering was not for me I left my job to start on the Sales and Marketing Graduate Scheme with Kraft Foods, which turns out to be the best choice I have ever made! Now a few years into my job at Kraft I have had the opportunity to use my skills gined there to help market squash and racketball as much as possible and raise its profile.















































































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