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Mark Fuller's top racketball coaching tips to improve your game


UK Racketball Coaching tips

Introduction - A Beginners Guide to Racketball - Transition from Squash to Racketball - Intermediate and Beyond - Mark Fuller the Coach

UK Racketball Coaching tips



Hi my name is Mark Fuller and I am a professional squash player currently ranked in the top 200 in the world for squash and 7th in the UK for racketball. Here I have provided some coaching tips to help you improve your game and for you to learn more about the sport, no matter what level you play at.

If you are just starting out in racketball then check out my beginners guide. Below the tips are structured into three categories, basic, intermediate and advanced. You will notice some of the shots are repeated in each section, this is due to more depth being added in the more advanced stages.

I have also provided a few routines for you to be able to try out to see what level you are playing at.

I hope the tips help, if there are any topics which you would like me to cover then do please let me know and I will create an article as soon as possible.


UK Racketball Coaching tips


A beginners guide to Racketball

Click here for my beginners guide to racketball covering all the basic shots and strategies you will need to start developing your game and constructing good rallies.


UK Racketball Coaching tips


Transition from squash to racketball

Squash is renowned for being a fast paced and intense game which can have a detrimental impact on the body. This becomes especially prominent with age or with reoccurring injury. Many people are now taking up racketball after squash to help them stay competitive on court for longer. Click here for tips and tactics specifically for those trying to make the transition from squash to racketball.


UK Racketball Coaching tips


Intermediate and Beyond.....

Once you have got a hang of the basics then you can start trying to introduce a few more advanced racket skills, shots and techniques. The following articles aim to give you as much information and advice as possible so if you don't get it right all at once don't worry!!

UK Racketball Shots


The Drop shot     UK Racketball Drop Shot Mark Fuller coaching tips
Narrow cross court        UK Racketball Narrow Cross Court Mark Fuller coaching tips
Straight drive from the front of the court        Straight drive from the front of the court Racketball Mark Fuller Coaching Tips
Drive kills   Drive Kill UK Racketball Mark Fuller Coaching Tips

Racketball Tactics


The Psychology of Racketball  
How to beat the fast guy  

Racketball Fitness


Fitness training for racketball without the racket Fitness training for racketball without the racket

Racketball Racket Strings


Racketball Racket Strings Racketball Racket Strings


UK Racketball Coaching tips

Coaching tips by Mark Fuller - Squash world no 194

For those of you who have read any of my blogs know as a squash player I am playing at a standard somewhere between "club player" and "world number one" but my racketball standard is even harder to judge. My currant racketball CV is that I have won the Hallamshire Club Championships (which I played while I was still based in Sheffield) and have only been beaten once by Laura Hill (3 times national champion, and yes I know she’s a girl, she is also ridiculously good!) during an exhibition match in Nottingham.

With the work that I’m doing with UK-Racketball I thought it would be good to have a crack at the nationals this year and although I am aware how tough it will be. Both Daryl Selby and Tim Vale recently got their names on the trophy, it’s got to be worth a shot, at worst I will lose early and have longer to promote the site.

When I embarked on UK-Racketball a couple of people that I coach asked if I would be putting up any coaching tips as at the moment there is currently so little specific racketball coaching available. After searching on the internet I realized that this might be another unique idea for UK-Racketball.

One of the reasons why I hope that I make a good coach, is that no part of my game came easy for me, I had to work hard to improve every step of the way and because I started playing properly so late (at university) I was old enough when I learnt to remember exactly how I did it. I’m aware that these tips will not work for everyone and if they don’t work for you, you can always blame me. These are the ones that worked for me and their here to copy for anyone who wants to risk it.

The vast majority have been copied from the coaches that I have had in the past and who without I am certain I would have achieved very little. In two years of incredible effort Mark Hornby (who for very little personal reward) took me from an above average club player into someone capable of beating most of the weaker professional players. At the moment I am having coaching from the Nottingham team of Richard O’Conner and Gordon Hill who have transformed my game and given me new dimensions in both attack, speed and stability. Although my squash is definitely still a work in progress I am feeling better and better about the future of my game.

Check out my blog for more information.

If anyone has any requests or anything they wish to add to this section just let me know though our email at info@uk-racketball.com






















































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