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The inaugural tournament happened on the weekend of March 8-11th 2012 at Carlisle Squash Rackets Club. Racketball is a new event and took place alongside the usual Squash events.

With the success of the competition it is hoped that it will become an annual event with Finchley Squash Club, London being the venue for next year. In a keenly contested final the event was won by Matt Pugh (WMP) who had to come from 0-2 down to beat Dave Moore (Hamps) 3-2 and become the first name on the trophy. In the 3rd/4th place playoff Stewart Chandler (Hamps) beat Andy Jones (Devon and Cornwall) 3-0.

The tournament is looking to expand next year so if you are a constable, community support officer, Police staff or special then you may qualify.

Speak to your regional Police Sport UK representative to find out.




























































































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