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"Promoting Racketball in the UK and at Your Club"


Promoting racketball at NSRC

We thought it would be good to include this section on the site as a way for all clubs in the UK to compare their various strategies for promoting racketball. We are after any material that you think could help fellow coaches, managers or club members develop the sport. This could be leaflets, posters or even letters. Any information on courses that you have found work well and are highly attended is also welcome. There will also be topics on promoting racketball in the forum once it has been set up. Please click on the links below for promotinal materials and information.

If you email us any material that you think will help to, info@uk-racketball.com we will be very grateful. Obviously feel free to use any of the information that is already uploaded on this section.  

Racketball is growing, lets keep it going!!


Racketball promotional materials

Sponsored teams - Over 50's at Fleming - How Racketball first started in the UK - Notts racketball promotional push - Leckie Dow a fresh start - Promotional posters - Racketball success stories - Racketball at NSRC - Sussex county racketball - Half marathon on a squash court - Nick Matthew vs Daryl Selby - Racketball Study Birmingham Uni - ESR Promotional Aids - Racketball at Whitchurch - Wycombe Racketball - World Squash Day 2011 - Tim Vail - Squash on Sky Sports

Racketball promotional materials


Sponsored Teams

These are the current teams UK-Racketball sponsors:

Willoughby Group Nottingham in the Midlands League

Cambridgeshire County Squash Team

The Ghoastboasters Nottingham Squash Team

Hallamshire Squash in the Yorkshire League


Fantasy Squash Articles

First Ever Squash Power Play Exhibition


Racketball promotional materials


Promotinal Information and Articles


Racketball promotional materials

The £100 Racketball Challenge!

For every club/coach who can set up a regular ladies racketball session for 10 ladies or more, we will give you £100!

Rules of the Challenge:

- You must have passed your Racketball Coaching or Racketball Activator Course
- The session must be racketball (coaching, racketball-based games, facilitated social play or a combination)
- It must be a new session
- The sessions must be self-sustaining and ongoing long-term, carrying on after the initial 6 weeks
- Each session must be at least 1 hour long.
- All participants must be female and aged 14+

Other than that you can set the session up however you like and charge your participants whatever you like.

Posters are available from ESR to help with publicity if you would like them.
You may even organise more than one session if you wish (different people must attend!) and receive multiple £100 prizes.

Once you have at least 10 ladies attending for at least 6 weeks, send in your registers to the regional office to receive your prize.

£50 Gold Medal Bonus!

The first to achieve the £100 Racketball Challenge and send in their registers will receive a bonus £50 for being the first! You will also get your story published in the newlstetter.

£25 Silver Medal Bonus!

For being the second to achieve the challenge and send in your registers you will receive a bonus £50!

£10 Bronze Medal Bonus!

For the third set of complete registers we receive, there is a £10 bonus!

Racketball promotional materialsi

Become A Racketball Activator!

In March 2012, Bletchley Leisure Centre hosted a Racketball Facilitator Workshop for staff from their centre and Shenley Leisure Centre.

8 staff, including receptionists, coaches, personal trainers and management learnt what racketball is, how to play and how to facilitate sessions to increase the number of people playing racketball at their centres. Group racketball sessions will soon be set up at these two centres, so if you live in the area and are interested in taking part please enquire at the centre.

Following Sport Makers Conventions around the South Region, a number of volunteers have signed up to become a Racketball Activator. This involves the Activator getting together with a few friends, family or work colleagues and having fun on court. Mike Payne from Buckinghamshire has recently completed his Racketball Activator training and will be setting up some sessions with his friends soon. More people are to be trained in April.

If becoming a Racketball Activator as part of Sport Makers is something you are interested in doing, please register your interest in racketball through the Sport Makers website: www.sportmakers.co.uk

Racketball promotional materialsal

The Police Sport Racketball Championships

The inaugural tournament happened on the weekend of March 8-11th 2012 at Carlisle Squash Rackets Club. Racketball is a new event and took place alongside the usual Squash events. With the success of the competition it is hoped that it will become an annual event with Finchley Squash Club, London being the venue for next year.

Click here for the full report...

Racketball promotional materials

Gurnsey Racketball - Supporting special needs children

Web Pages/Promoting RB/Gurnsey Racketball.htmlIn October 2009 the Guernsey Squash & Racketball Association approached Mick Mahy to run racketball. He gave local charity Wigwam a chance for some children with special needs to come along and give racketball a try and as a direct result of that, as of Saturday 9th October 2010 he has been officially holding racketball sessions specifically aimed at children with special needs.

Gurnsey Racketball

Please click here to read the appeal and help support this great cause if you can!!

Racketball promotional materials


Sky Sports 2 transmission details:
Saturday: 1400-1730
Sunday: 1400- 1700

Coverage of the semi-finals and finals from the ATCO PSA World Series Squash Finals will be live on Sky Sports 2 this weekend. It is the latest breakthrough for SquashTV, the Professional Squash Association's dedicated online and TV operation that launched just two years ago. The flagship $110,000 PSA World Tour event, which features the eight players who earned the most points from the nine PSA World Series championships in 2011, is taking place at The Queen's Club in London - with the semis this Saturday, followed by the final the following day. Click here for more info...

Racketball promotional materials

UK-Racketball interviews Tim Vail, 4 times and current National Racketball Champion

Tim_Vail_RacketballIn may 2011 Tim Vail (aka The Vole) took the National Racketball title for the 4th time, but more remarkably it was his 1st title for 7 years the previous 3 being 2001, 03, 04. Ranked 15 in England at squash Tim is arguably the best shot maker around, he puts “bums on seats”. His natural flair and nick hitting ability mean the best players can never feel safe, his career at chichester in the national league over the years has produced many spectacular results.

Click here to read more and see the interview...

Racketball promotional materials

Squas Video GameThe World Squash Federation Launches first 3D Simulation PC Video Game!!

Squash enthusiasts will now have the chance of enjoying the sport they love in the comfort of their own homes following the launch of WSF Squash, the official squash simulation video game of the WSF.

Click here to find out more...

Racketball promotional materials

Click here for more information on World Squash Day 2011

World Squash Day 2011

Racketball promotional materials

Squash and Racketball Sessions at Wycombe Sports Centre

Over the last month, Matt Burnett has been running a number of different sessions at Wycombe Sports Centre.

He has delivered squash to juniors, who were all beginners. Matt said, "After a few sessions of learning a number of ball skills and practicing hitting a good shot, they have really improved!" Matt has also run racketball sessions at Wycombe Sports Centre with the 50+ group on a Friday, which has been very popular with around 10 players attending every week.

For a few it was their first time and for others who had played before, they were able to master the shots they had been struggling with. Matt said "The 50+ players have been a fantastic bunch and have really enjoyed the sessions!"

They have all asked for more sessions once our course has finished! Our newest session is ladies only racketball, which began a few weeks ago. A number of ladies have come along to try out racketball. In the next few weeks the ladies will be working on the basic shots, how to play and lots of match play!

If you would like to join in, then please contact Wycombe Sports Centre on: 01494 688100

Racketball promotional materials

Racketball Clinic a Success at Whitchurch Squash Club

On 28th April Mike Phillips, one of our Development Coaches, visited Whitchurch Squash Club in Hampshire to deliver a racketball taster clinic to several members of the 1st and 2nd squash teams. This was to encourage the players that racketball is good fun and a sport in it‘s own right.

The evening proved to be a Racketball Clinic a Success at Whitchurch Squash Clubsuccess and consisted of Mike explaining about racketball and giving a summary of the rules. Mike also discussed the subtle differences between squash and racketball and how in fact playing one sport can help the other.

Mike played two exhibition games—one with the blue ball and one with the black ball. This allowed the players to experience the difference in bounce depending on the ball used. This was followed by two hours of racketball being played by the squash players, with Mike giving advice to players throughout the evening.

Mike commented that not only did the players all look to be enjoying themselves and embracing rack-etball, but could also see the players improving throughout the evening as they got used to the bounce of the ball.

Whitchurch Squash Club is yet another club to embrace racketball. Whitchurch are now working on installing some internal box leagues for their keen members to play racketball more regularly.

Racketball promotional materials

England Squash and Racketball offer promotional aids to help you encourage squash and racketball at your club or in your local area. Some of these can be seen below. If you would like to receive any of these please contact your local ESR regional manager as follows:

North East: 

North West: 
East Midlands:
West Midlands:
London & South East: 
South West: 

Promotional aids from ESR

Racketball promotional materials

Racketball Study at Birmingham University

Are you a FEMALE RACKETBALL player?Racketball Study Birmaingham

Are you aged between 18 and 65?

Then why not get involved... At University of Birmingham Sport in conjunction with England Squash and Racketball, we are conducting a study to calculate the energy expended during a game of racketball, in female racketball players. There is very little research done on this sport and its time people realise the health benefits of playing such a fun and exciting game. It is really easy to get involved and you may find your results to be quite interesting! Click here for more information and to find out how to take part.

Racketball promotional materials

Squash Stars Shine for Help For Heroes 

Nick Matthew vs Daryl Selby racketball

A capacity crowd at Lexden Rackets and Fitness Club was treated to a stunning display of squash and racketball from two of the world’s top players. World Champion Nick Matthew and National Champion Daryl Selby contested their personal squash/racketball challenge match, playing two games of squash and two of racketball, adding the points scored to decide the overall winner. Click Here to find out more.


Racketball promotional materials


Over 5O’s Racketball at Fleming Park, Eastleigh Over 5O’s Racketball at Fleming Park, Eastleigh

Mike Phillips the Hampshire Squash & Racketball Development coach has been working hard to establish Racketball to the O50 club at D C Leisure‘s Fleming Park Leisure centre in Eastleigh. Click here to find out more about Fleming Squash Racketball Club.



Racketball promotional materials

How Racketball First Started in the UKA Short Story on how Racketball, racquetball started in the UK

UK-Racketball interview John Robertson “Robbo” Level 4 Squash Coach one of the founders of Racketball at the Manor Squash and Racketball Exhibition. We ask him how it all started, the reason for the decline of many clubs in the UK and how things should move forwards in the future. Click here to discover the origins of racketball.


Racketball promotional materials


The Nottingham Racketball Promotional Push

The Nottingham Racketball Promotional Push

- BBC East Midlands Interview

- City centre Promotion

- Exhibition and Open Day

- Nottingham Evening Post Article



Racketball promotional materials


A Fresh Start In Squash and Racketball for Leckie Dow

Leckie Dow Squash and Racketball Coach


Racketball promotional materials


Leaflets, stratagies and posters on promoting Racketball at your club - Click here for the simplified racketball rules.

Racketball promotional poster


Racketball promotional materials


Racketball club success stories - Devon and Exeter - St Ivo

Racketball success stories


Racketball promotional materials


Proposal to the NSRC (Nottingham Squash Rackets Club) comittee to introduce racketball to NSRC highlighting the benefits of racketball

Nottingham Squash Rackets Club logo


Racketball promotional materials


New Racketball Leagues for Sussex County - click here for more info

New Racketball Leagues for Sussex County

Racketball promotional materials


Steve Townsend and Chris Hall run a half marathon for charity.... on a squash court!

Steve Townsend






























































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