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The 2010 Harrow UK-Racketball Series

In 2010 UK-Racketball ran the first ever UK racketball tournament series. The series consisted of 5 tournaments played at some of the most prestigious clubs in the UK. All the tournaments were and still are sanctioned by England Squash and Racketball and have grade 1.5 status. This allows participants to claim ranking points towards their UK racketball National ranking.

Dominic Hamilton in the 2010 UK Racketball Series

The club locations and dates were:

(Click the buttons below for results, reports and photos)


Nottingham Squash Rackets Club UK Racketball Series


The Surrey Location UK Racketball series button


Torquay Location UK Racketball series button


Wolverhampton Location UK Racketball series button


Hunts County Location UK Racketball series button


The tournaments were 1 day events with the aim of maximum. Scoring was American to 11 and best of 3 games. Thanks to our sponsors Harrow prises were supplied for all grade winners and runners up.


The 2010 UK Racketball Series Poster

The format of the tournaments was as follows:

·         Grade’s to suit all standards

·         Free Harrow high quality t-shirt for every entry

·         Best players in the country in the SUPER 16 A Grade

·         Age group categories

·         Results counting towards first ever racketball age group national rankings

·         Great prizes provided by our tournament sponsor Harrow


The grades available were:

Mixed Grade A

Mixed Grade B

Men's over 40's

Men's over 50's

Ladies over 40's

Ladies over 50's

All grades used the black price ball.

Grade A players were of a county or national standard. Grade B players were from beginner to club level players.


Any questions about the 2010 series?

Please email us at: info@uk-racketball.com






























































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