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The Harrow 2011 UK-Racketball Series

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The Harrow UK-Racketball Series is the premier tournament series for racketball in the UK. In 2011 UK-Racketball will be running 8 tournaments hosted at some of the most prestigious clubs in the country. All the tournaments are sanctioned by England Squash and Racketball and have grade 1.5 statuses. This will allow participants to claim ranking points towards their National UK racketball ranking. To help increase participation at all levels of the sport UK-Racketball will be introducing a new beginners category for those players who have just started the sport.

New for 2011
Tournament format - Grades and standardsClub locations and DatesEntry feesHow to enter - Become a sponsor - Previous Series - Questions?


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New for 2011

Beginners grade – At UK-Racketball we are really keen to see the sport grow at all levels. That is why for 2011 we have introduced a beginners grade. The beginners category will have a reduced entry fee and only trophy prises to allow competition in a fun and relaxed environment.  

Women’s Grade – UK-Racketball has introduced a ladies only grade which will be run at every event alongside the other categories.

Prises from the brand new 2011 Harrow racketball range – The UK-Racketball Series will have the same main title sponsor as last year, Harrow who will again be supplying top rackets this time from their new 2011 range, check out the UK-Racketball Racket Shop for previews.

Harrow Flo Racketball RangeHarrow Fierce Racketball RangeHarrow Turbo Racketball Range

Check out the UK-Racketball shop for more info on Harrow's new range

Harrow prises for the 2011 racketball series

New clubs and more events - This year UK-Racketball has expanded the series to 8 tournaments. We have selected some of the best locations for racketball all over the UK with an outstanding portfolio of top clubs.

New sponsors – The University of Lincoln and Air-IT have come on board to support the 2011 Harrow UK Racketball Series. Check out the sponsors page for more details.


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Tournament Format

The tournaments will be 1 day events with the aim of attracting maximum participation. The tournament format will be either group stages through to knockout, monrad or straight knockout, depending on numbers of entries. We will always ensure that every competitor has at least three, best of three, matches. Scoring will be American to 11 and best of 3 games. All the tournaments are sanctioned by England Squash and Racketball and have grade 1.5 statuses. Our sponsors Harrow will be providing prises from their brand new range of racketball rackets for all grade winners and runners up except for the beginners category. There will be:

·         Grade’s to suit all standards
·         Free Harrow high quality t-shirt for every entry
·         Best players in the country in the SUPER 16 A Grade
·         Age group categories
·         Results counting towards the age group national racketball rankings
·         Great prizes provided by our tournament sponsor Harrow

ESR sanctioned events

All balls used will be as specified by England Squash and Racketball at the National Championships, unless stated otherwise.


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Grades and Standards

A Grade – County, national or good club player Harrow 2011 UK Racketball Series

B Grade – Regular club player

Over 40’s – For players over the age of 40

Over 50’s - For players over the age of 50

Beginner – This is for players who have recently started racketball. Players who have previously played squash to a high level and have now started playing racketball may be better off in the A or B grade. To maintain a fun atmosphere for this grade only trophies will be awarded to the winners however there will also be a reduced entry fee of just £10.

Harrow 2011 UK Racketball SeriesWomen’s – We would really like to expand this category for 2011. This is for any standard or age of player, in 2010 around 10% of the overall competitors were women but with this new category we are hoping to build some great events for 2011.

If you are unsure which category to enter please feel free to contact us at info@uk-racketball.com and we will be happy to advise you.


If entries to a category are not sufficient grades may be merged, however all participants will always be informed in advance and they will have a choice if they would still like to play.

All balls used will be as specified by England Squash and Racketball at the National Championships, unless stated otherwise.


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The club locations and dates are:

(Please click on the buttons below for more information and entry)


The Manor Squash Club – Ilkeston - 16th April

The Moat Squash Club – Kent – 28th May

The Lindum and East Gate Squash Clubs – Lincoln – 25th June

Chapel Allerton Squash Club – Leeds – 16th July

Nottingham Squash Rackets Club – 13th Aug

Torquay Squash and Racketball Club – 3rd Sept

Chichester Lawn Tennis and Squash Club – Chichester – 29th October

Racquets Fitness Centre – Thame – 26th November


2011 Harrow UK-Racketball Series Locations Map


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Entry Fees

We have kept all prices the same as last year for the Harrow UK-Racketball series to provide you with some of the best value tournaments in the country.

All tournament locations have the same entry fee structure as follows:

Entry to one Grade = £14
Entry to two Grades = £24
Beginners Entry = £10

Or you can enter the whole series:

Entry to the whole series for one grade = £50
Entry to the whole series for two grades = £75


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Pay Pal Secure Racketball entry

Enter safely with the most secure online payment service, PayPal


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UK Racketball is still looking for sponsors for the Series:

If you are interested in sponsoring The Harrow 2011 UK-Racketball Series we have packages that start from as little as £100.

With UK Racketball you could have a nationwide advertising campaign for only £500.

We have strived to put together packages that will not only bring exposure to your business but directly drive sales.

For more information please contact us at info@uk-racketball.com


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Previous UK-Racketball Series

Below you can find all the information, reports, reviews and photos for the previous UK-Racketball Series.

The Harrow 2010 UK-Racketball Series


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Any questions about the Series?

Please email us at: info@uk-racketball.com



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