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The Harrow 2012 UK Racketball Series

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The Manor Squash Club – Ilkeston - Sat 31st March 2012

The Manor UK Racketball Series

Introduction - Location & Dates - Information - Club Facilities

The Manor UK Racketball Series


A Grade
B Grade
Over 40's
Over 50's

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A Grade - A Group

The Manor Squash Club – Ilkeston It was a tough group with Tom Phipps, local boy Curtis Tomlinson and Jonathan Maloney all probably feeling that they had a chance for the title. Only one could make it through though and Phipps was taking no prisoners, making it through one of the toughest groups we have had without dropping a single game.

B Group

Ross Proudfoot came through against Oliver Turner in one of the hardest matches of the day. Goodings was group champion though, he kept the pace on the ball against Proudfoot who had no answers to his accurate hitting.


It was the final that the local boys wanted to see with Local Hero Goodings taking on 2011 Series Champion Phipps, unfortunately in the end it was a bit of an anti climax. Some days Goodings is on but this wasn't one of them! "A games worth of tins" according to Dave Heron was the difference between them. Phipps has now taken 3 titles in a row and will definitely be one to watch for the nationals.


Group A

Last years champion Matilda Parslow made a great start to her 2012 campaign winning both group matches without dropping a set. Jo Moseley had to much for Kate Ibbitson and finished 2nd.

Group B

Samantha Muller was to strong for both Elaine Gilchrist and Audrey Coulson, using a variety of shots and moving onto every ball with speed and purpose. She took the group without dropping a set but the single game dropped by Coulson against Gilchrist was enough to see her fail to make it through to the winners group at the half way point.

Runners up Group

In complete reversal of the mornings fortunes Kate Ibbitson went straight through in her last couple of matches of the day winning the group and taking the maximum 4 points. Coulson showed her fighting spirit taking her revenge on  Gilchrist to claim 5th place.

Winners Group

The Manor Squash Club – Ilkeston It was a great match between Parslow and Moseley, both fought right to the end with Parslow looking to keep the pace on the ball and move it quickly into all four corners. Despite a good start however Mosley managed to peg her back in the 2nd and then inch ahead in the 3rd. In the end it was a tie break that decide 2nd place in the ladies draw with Mosley taking the match 13/11 in the 3rd. Despite both fighting hard against Mueller in the end she was to fast and accurate and finished the event without dropping a set.

Over 40's

Group A

No. 1 seed Ian Furlonger made it through to the semi without dropping a set.

Group B

Marc Thornley was to strong for Nigel Stone in group B, with consistent hitting he saw the seed off 2-0 to earn his first series points of the new season.

Group C

It was a tough fight between Paul Whitby and Darren Withey to decide the largest group in the over 40's but in the end Withey's pace was enough to see him through, but he has had one more match than the others which might make it tough to make it all the way.

Group D

With speed and variation Jason Russell saw off first Mark Webster and then Robert Hambrook to claim the final slot in the semi finals.

Semi Finals

It was a great battle between Thornley and Furlonger, both players brought there A game along and were going for all there shots. Despite some great drops and cross court nicks from Furlonger the pace of Thornley was no to be denied earning him a place in the final 2-0.

It was another great semi in the other half with Witney fighting Russell all the way to a deciding game. in the end the extra game in the morning might have taken it's toll, but Russell is looking very quick and accurate.

The Manor Squash Club – Ilkeston Final

After two tough semi's the final was always going to be tough for both competitors and was going to be a battle of recovery as much as Racketball. Russell looked strong throughout the day and would not be denied the title, he mixed the pace well, attacked at the right times and looked very comfortable on the ball.

The over 40's seems to be growing in strength each event and it's great to see some real rivalries starting to develop.

Over 50's

Group A

It was a good start for "series favourite" Murphy who defeated both Les Litwin and Andy Mitchell 2-0. He came unstuck against Malcolm Bramley however who made it tough right to the end and eventually wore Murphy down in one of the longest 2-0's of the day.

Group B

Graham Greensall was solid in group B making it through without dropping a single set. The other results all lived up to there seeding with Ian Couldon coming in 2nd and Bill Smith taking 3rd place.

Group C

Gabriel Uttley continued 2012 where he left off in 2011 on a great run of form winning all his group matches but Graeme Slocombe took him close.

Group D

Local 50's Champion Millington came through strong in group D. It was a tough fight for Seddon to overcome Gilchrist. Uttley was strutting with an injury all day and despite bravely pushing through was unable to get any change out of his opponents.

Semi Finals

Malcolm Bramley continued where he left off in the groups coming through against Greensall 2-0. Millington on home turf was motivated and impressive and managed to overcome Uttley 2-0.

The Manor Squash Club – Ilkeston Final

In the final Bramley fought Millington hard but didn't have enough to prevent him taking home another title, Millington will be another to watch at the Nationals at the start of May.


It was one big group in the beginners with all matches best of 5 to 11. Claire Bullock was unfortunate to finish 4th after taking games off both John Noakes and Jamie Hissitt. Dariusz Wantanowski was not to be denied and came through without dropping a set. When Dariusz first started on the UK-Racketall Series he was a complete beginner, his range of shots and consistency have improved considerably and it might now be time to make the step up to the B, great progression.

B Grade

Group A

Neil Paisley was fortunate to make it through the group after losing to Stephen Elliot but the result out of his hands went his way with Leigh Brushy defeating Elliot without dropping a set.

Group B

Series favourite David Heron fought group winner Lee Brownson all the way and in the end missed out on making it through by only a single point.

Group C

Nick Bond made it through without dropping a set which will improve his unflattering National Ranking of 144.

Winners Group

Despite only just making it through the first group stage Neil Paisley overcame both other group winners to take the B crown. Bond and Brownson finished on equal points but with Brownson the fortunate victor in the head to head he came through to take the B grade 2nd place trophy prize and ranking points.

It was another big entry to a UK-Racketball Series event and a great start to the 2012 Series.


The Manor UK Racketball Series


Manot_Squash_Club_UK_Racketball_SeriesThe Manor is one of the biggest racketball centres in the country

At the time of last year’s event the Manor Racketball Open 2011 broke the record for the number of entries into a UK-Racketball Series event with over 70 competitors on the day. The event also saw one of the strongest entries into the beginners and ladies categories which were won by John Brierley and Matilda Parslow respectively.

The Manor is currently going through a revival with a new management and coaching team lead by Pete Goodings. In 2011 the club saw its membership increase dramatically and with reinvestment projects already underway the club looks set to become one of the best racket centres in the Midlands. To demonstrate our support for the Goodings programme, Star Sports are also hosting a Fantasy Squash event at The Manor in 2012.

Manor_Squash_Club_UK_Racketball_SeriesThe Manor is located in the racketball hotspot of Derbyshire this is bound to be one of the best attended events in 2012 and with all courts being devoted to the Manor Racketball Open the UK-Racketball Series really will take over the club for the day. With the tournament scheduled for just before The National Championships it is bound to be a full day of racketball action!

The Manor UK Racketball Series

Location and Dates

Venue: The Manor Health and Rackets Club, Ilkeston, Derbyshire

Manor Rd

Tel: 0115 930 5027

Date: Sat 31st March

Closing date for entries: Fri 23rd March

Click here to download an entry form in word

The Manor UK Racketball Series

Tournament Information


Entry to the whole Harrow UK-Racketball Series is just £50 providing you with some of the best value tournaments in the country at just £6.25 per tournament!!!!

Entry fees are as follows:

Entry to one event = £15

Beginners entry = £10

Or you can enter the whole series:

Entry to the whole series = £50


Manor_Squash_ClubA Grade – County, national or good club player

B Grade – Regular club player

Over 40’s – For players over the age of 40

Over 50’s - For players over the age of 50

Beginner – This is for players who have recently started racketball. Players who have previously played squash to a high level and have now started playing racketball may be better off in the A or B grade. To maintain a fun atmosphere for this grade only trophies will be awarded to the winners however there will also be a reduced entry fee of just £10.

Women’s – We would really like to keep expanding this category for 2012 with the aim of getting enough numbers to be able to split it into two grades. The grade is for any standard or age of player.

If you are unsure which category to enter please feel free to contact us at info@uk-racketball.com and we will be happy to advise you.

If entries to a category are not sufficient grades may be merged, however all participants will always be informed in advance and they will have a choice if they would still like to play.

Other Information

The tournament will be run over 1 day.

All draws and start times will be published on this page the week of the event.

All entries will receive a Harrow 2012 UK-Racketball Series t-shirt.

Manor_Squash_ClubWe ensure every competitor will have at least 3 matches. The format will be either group stages through to knockout, monrad or straight knockout, depending on numbers of entries. We will always ensure that every competitor has at least three, best of three, matches. Scoring will be American to 11 and best of 3 games. The tournament is sanctioned by England Squash and Racketball and has a grade 1.5 status.

Top of the range prizes from the Harrow racketball range – The UK-Racketball Series will have the same main title sponsor as last year, Harrow who will again be supplying top rackets from their range of quality rackets, check out the UK-Racketball Racket Shop for reviews on what you could win!

Gain top ranking points for the UK National Racketball Rankinga. Earn points towards your UK-Racketball Series Rankings (see how they work here).

All balls used will be as specified by England Squash and Racketball, unless stated otherwise.

The Manor UK Racketball Series

Club Facilities

The Manor has plenty of onsite parking available, a great gym where players will be able to warm up and a sauna for after your match. Hot and cold food will be available throughout the day from reception and the bar. The club is easily accessible just off the M1.



You can visit the club website for more information at:


The Manor UK Racketball Series

Visit the 2011 Manor Racketball Open Page and check out all the action from last year by clicking here!




























































































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