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The Harrow 2012 UK Racketball Series

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Nottingham Squash Rackets Club - Nottingham - Sat 25th August 2012

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The Manor UK Racketball Series

Introduction - Location & Dates - Information - Club Facilities

The Manor UK Racketball Series


Nottingham Squash Rackets ClubNottingham is the biggest squash venue in the country and the first venue to become a host for a Star Sports Development event back in 2010. With 10 fantastic squash courts, including six glass backs and one of the best championship show courts in the country, the club becomes an ideal host for any top squash or racketball tournament.

In 2010 The Nottingham Racketball Open was the biggest entry in the Series with Dom Hamilton, Mike Phillips, Jonathan Underhill and Rob Watkins all taking titles and setting off our first UK-Racketball Series.

In 2011 Nottingham Squash Club became host to the first Fantasy Squash Festival with the MB-Nottingham Racketball Open running on the same day as the MANTIS Fantasy Squash PSA Final. The Racketball Open attracted almost 100 entrants making it the biggest racketball event of 2011 outside the National Championships with many of the competitors staying around to watch some fantastic squash in the evening with a PSA Final between Charles Sharpes and Anthony Graham, and the return of squash legend Peter Marshall to the club for an exhibition.

Nottingham_Squash_Rackets_Club_UK_Racketball_SeriesIn 2012 we are hoping to build upon the success that this event has experienced over the last two seasons and create one of the biggest racketball events in the country.

Despite attracting so many competitors the event still retains its inclusivity with players of all abilities and ages competing across the grades. However, if you want to play an event where the A grade is guaranteed to consist of the sport’s biggest names, the Nottingham Racketball Open is definitely it!

The Manor UK Racketball Series

Location and Dates

Venue: Nottingham Squash Rackets Club, Nottingham

Nottingham Squash Rackets Club
Tattershall Drive
The Park Estate

Tel: 0115 941 7022

Date: Sat 25th August

Closing date for entries: Fri 17th August

The Manor UK Racketball Series

Tournament Information


Entry to the whole Harrow UK-Racketball Series is just £50 providing you with some of the best value tournaments in the country at just £6.25 per tournament!!!!

Entry fees are as follows:

Entry to one event = £15

Beginners entry = £10

Or you can enter the whole series:

Entry to the whole series = £50


Manor_Squash_ClubA Grade – County, national or good club player

B Grade – Regular club player

Over 40’s – For players over the age of 40

Over 50’s - For players over the age of 50

Beginner – This is for players who have recently started racketball. Players who have previously played squash to a high level and have now started playing racketball may be better off in the A or B grade. To maintain a fun atmosphere for this grade only trophies will be awarded to the winners however there will also be a reduced entry fee of just £10.

Women’s – We would really like to keep expanding this category for 2012 with the aim of getting enough numbers to be able to split it into two grades. The grade is for any standard or age of player.

If you are unsure which category to enter please feel free to contact us at info@uk-racketball.com and we will be happy to advise you.

If entries to a category are not sufficient grades may be merged, however all participants will always be informed in advance and they will have a choice if they would still like to play.

Other Information

The tournament will be run over 1 day.

All draws and start times will be published on this page the week of the event.

All entries will receive a Harrow 2012 UK-Racketball Series t-shirt.

Manor_Squash_ClubWe ensure every competitor will have at least 3 matches. The format will be either group stages through to knockout, monrad or straight knockout, depending on numbers of entries. We will always ensure that every competitor has at least three, best of three, matches. Scoring will be American to 11 and best of 3 games. The tournament is sanctioned by England Squash and Racketball and has a grade 1.5 status.

Top of the range prizes from the Harrow racketball range – The UK-Racketball Series will have the same main title sponsor as last year, Harrow who will again be supplying top rackets from their range of quality rackets, check out the UK-Racketball Racket Shop for reviews on what you could win!

Gain top ranking points for the UK National Racketball Rankinga. Earn points towards your UK-Racketball Series Rankings (see how they work here).

All balls used will be as specified by England Squash and Racketball, unless stated otherwise.

The Manor UK Racketball Series

Club Facilities

Nottingham Squash Club has plenty of onsite parking, a bar open all day with hot and cold food available, a gym to warm up in before your matches and a sauna and steam room for after competing.

You can visit the club website for more information at:


The Manor UK Racketball Series

Visit the 2011 Nottingham UK-Racketball Series Page and check out all the action from last year by clicking here!





























































































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